Episode 9: A Path Through Grief

There is no fail-safe system to make your grief go away, but there is a path through it, and signposts you can use to know you are healing. Episode 9 of Nurturing Habit podcast with Doña Bumgarner

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a playbook, or an instruction manual, for when we are grieving? “Do this to help your heart ache less.” and “Do that on days when you can’t stop crying.”

There is no manual. I’m sorry. Every grief is individual, and there is no way through it but through it.

However, after talking with seven different women in the last few months of Nurturing Habit episodes, all experts in grieving – both personally and professionally – I did discover that there is at least a pattern. It won’t help the pain stop, but there were things that each guest talked about that were familiar. What helps us to feel less alone. What helps us feel supported. What help us to eventually heal.

In this short episode, I talk about the path through grief that I learned about over this season of the podcast, and through the season of grief I have been living in in my own life. If you, too, are grieving, I hope that this series of conversations, and this episode, are of support to you.

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Here are quick links to each of the other episodes that I mention:

  • Episode 1, just me, talking about why I chose grief as the topic of this season.
  • Episode 2, with hospice social worker and LCSW, Jamie Van Zanen.
  • Episode 3, with April Johnson Stearns, cancer survivor and founder of Wildfire Community.
  • Episode 4, with hospice social worker and LCSW, Nancy London.
  • Episode 5, with teacher, coach, and magic maker, Andrea Scher.
  • Episode 6, with photographer and orphan Jen Downer.
  • Episode 7, with psychotherapist, widow, and grief culture activist Megan Devine.
  • Episode 8, with coach and podcaster Paula Jenkins.

There will be a short break before the next season, which will focus on self care and all the different things that can mean. Look for new episodes starting new the beginning of February!


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