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Episode 5: Be Okay With Being Messy with Andrea Scher

In this episode of Nurturing Habit Podcast with Andrea Scher, we talk about separation, divorce, parenting separately and grieving in front of your kids. We discuss how it is OK to be messy, because that's part of being human, hurting, and healing. Find complete show notes at the link.

Andrea Scher is the creator of Superhero Life, a hub for learning how to “use our voices, share our superpowers and live life in full color.” She’s a photographer, artist, life coach, mentor, podcaster and a mama to two young boys. I have long admired Andrea for her openness and vulnerability in her online space and in person. She’s real and fierce and curious and always looking for where the magic is.

I asked Andrea to come on the show for this series because she and her husband recently separated their lives, and I wanted to get her perspective on living through personal grief while also having a public way of being in her work. What followed was so much more than that. It was a conversation where we discussed the stress that having a public persona can create, how hard it is to know how much to let our kids see when we are dealing with hard personal stuff, how completely normal it is to be messy sometimes, and how important it is to connect with others, especially when we are hurting.

Listen to Episode 5 with Andrea Scher now by clicking the little arrow in the play bar below (if you don’t see it, reload the page), or head over to iTunes or your favorite podcast player. What did you learn from this episode? Send me a note and let me know!

Here are links to some of the things we discussed in this episode:

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