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Episode 8: The Journey Through Grief With Joy With Paula Jenkins

The Journey Through Grief With Joy With Paula Jenkins (Nurturing Habit Episode 8)
Paula has built her coaching and podcasting career around joy. This is no naive image of constant lightness and happiness, but instead a study of how people grow through and out of challenging or traumatic life experiences by committing themselves to finding joy – and the transformation that process can bring.

I asked Paula to join us as we near the end of this series about nurturing ourselves through grief exactly because of that idea of transformation. How do we return to the world, after experiencing great loss? How do we take the experience and integrate it into our life “after”? Deciding to follow joy is one answer.

Paula is a life and podcasting coach, and runs the wonderful podcast Jumpstart Your Joy. In this conversation, Paula shares how she recovered from a deep trauma in her life by the act of choosing joy in her every day life. We also talk about the hero’s journey, and how we can apply these universal concepts to the stories of our own lives.

Paula is one of the most profoundly joyful, thoughtful people I know, and this was a delightful conversation. My hope is that it will give you some ideas for how to reconnect with joy in your own life.

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